Scott Gunnison Miller
  Writer.   Scriptwriter.   Storyteller.

I believe great storytelling happens when you get someone to think of a burning question.

Will they or won't they? Is there a way out? What would I do?

In seeking out an answer to that mystery, your audience then truly begins to engage with your message. And your idea will now resonate long after they are finished. So whether it's a television series, an interactive narratve, or a story about a scientific concept, these are the tenets always at the heart of my writing:

Inspire questions.                                                             
Seek out answers.
                                                                Build engagement.

  TV Writer.

As a storyteller for Emmy-nominated and acclaimed television series,
my writing has been seen and enjoyed by tens of millions.
Episode details here.

  TV Pilot Development.

I have crafted several TV show pitches and pilots, leading creative teams as we presented
to studios and networks such as NBC, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and more.

  Game Writing & Development.

As a game writer for Humaning, Inc. and creator of my own mini-games,
I believe interactive entertainment is all about crafting narratives that inspire players to generate their own journeys.


  Script Coordinator.

Editor. Product integration specialist. Proofreader. On-screen content creator. Official blog writer.



For TV/film inquiries, please contact:
Dino Carftales at Kaplan Stahler Agency